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Learn About Cell Phone Radiation

  • Children and Cell Phone Radiation

    Are Children Protected by Current Cell Phone Radiation Standards?

    A child’s head RF absorption can be over 2 times greater, and absorption of the skull’s bone marrow can be 10 times greater than adults, yet current testing standards for cell phones focus on adult size models and radiation absorption as it affects adults. The Pong team takes a closer look at this concerning issue.

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  • What are the effects of long term cell phone radiation?

    What Are the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation?

    Stay up to date on the latest mobile radiation news and studies at our cell phone radiation blog - the Pong Pulse. Our team reviews the latest studies and share insights on the ongoing research into the effects of cell phone radiation.

    Learn More About Cell Phone Radiation

  • Cell Phone Radiation Oxidative Cell Damage

    New Study Concludes Cell Phone Radiation Causing Oxidative Damages in Cells

    A review study published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine in July 2015 concluded that low-intensity radio-frequency (RF) radiation such as cell phone radiation is an oxidative agent for living cells. Oxidative damage to cellular DNA can lead to mutations and may play an important role in the initiation and progression of various cancers.

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