Pong Sleek Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Pong Sleek Case for iPhone 7 Plus

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Wrap your iPhone 7 Plus in sturdy style and get Maximum Radiation Protection with the Pong Sleek radiation reduction case

Pong Cases use patented technology to pair a custom-designed antenna in the case with the iPhone's internal antenna which allows the Pong Case to redirect the cell phone radiation and reduce the amount of radiation the user is exposed to.

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Experience Low-profile Style for Your iPhone 7 Plus and Get Radiation Redirection to Protect You
The Pong Sleek iPhone 7 Plus Case takes protection beyond just your iPhone -- it redirects potentially harmful cell phone radiation away from you, reducing your exposure to cell phone radiation.


    • Built-in Antenna Technology pairs with your iPhone 7 Plus right when you put it on
    • Patented RF technology protects you while maintaining your phone’s signal
    • Lowers your radiation exposure by up to 67% below a bare phone (or up to 89% below the FCC SAR limit)
    • Tested in the same independent labs that verify conformance of wireless devices to requirements of the US (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (CA) and Australian (ACA) governments
    • Certified protection - to U.S. military specifications - from 4’ drops
    • Access to all iPhone 7 Plus ports and functions
    • Designed in Encinitas, California
    • 60-day money back guarantee