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Pong Research is a mobile device technology company. You can call us Pong.

It’s true. We geek out on technology, physics, electrical engineering, antenna design, and health sciences. And we have the lab creds to prove it. But we are lovers of design too. Art and technology together can do pretty amazing things.

We love people.

That’s why we want to use all of our science and numbers to help people get the most out of their devices. People are smart. Smartphones are helping us live smarter. Why not cases, too?

We will always make
the case for people.

We take protection seriously. That's why we'll be scientific advocates for efficient ways to redirect wireless power. We'll also continue to design cases that protect not just your phone, but you as well.
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We like facts, figures
& numbers.

Sometimes numbers talk to us. The things they say often lead to breakthrough discoveries, like how to do something useful with the wireless energy wasted by mobile devices. We’ve told that story a few times.
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We love the things
people do.

The way they dance. The way they make friends. The way they share how they dance with their friends on YouTube. How it all happens through a smartphone. It's amazing. And beautiful. And unexpected. The same should be true for cases.
That’s why we’ve created one
that pairs with the phone so
people can do more of all
the things they like to do.