Your mobile phone is smart. Now the case for your mobile device can be, too.

Pong Research introduces the world’s first Intelligent Case. The Pong Case pairs with your device to redirect wireless energy for optimized protection and performance.

All mobile devices use radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves to communicate. The devices contain antennas to transmit and receive wireless signals. Unlike traditional cases, the Pong case is embedded with a custom-engineered antenna system that passively interacts with your device when you snap it on. Specifically, copper elements plated in gold, yet thinner than a human hair, are precisely engineered in size, shape and location, to achieve optimum coupling with the mobile device’s own antenna. Pong’s built-in antenna technology reshapes the electromagnetic field pattern of your device’s transmitted signal and directs wireless energy away from you while optimizing your device’s outbound signal.

the intelligent case

Reduce RF Exposure

When you place your cell phone next to your head or wear it on your body, you absorb a significant portion of the emitted RF energy.  As a result, much of your cell phone’s transmitted energy is wasted. The Pong Case directs wireless energy away from you to reduce the RF energy absorbed by your head and body.

The RF energy absorbed by the human body is measured by SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sets the SAR limit for public exposure to be 1.6 W/kg. The Pong Case is proven to reduce SAR by FCC-certified testing laboratories. For example, the Pong Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (for Verizon) reduces SAR to up to 96% below the FCC safety limit and the Pong Case for iPhone 5 reduces SAR to up to 78% below the FCC safety limit.

Optimize Outbound Signal

When the transmitted signal is absorbed by your head and body, the outbound signal of your mobile device is weakened. The Pong Case redirects the radio signal that is otherwise absorbed by you and makes it available for wireless communication.

Increase Range and Reduce Dropped Calls

Weak wireless signals are one cause of dropped calls. By improving the outbound signal, your phone can stay connected further from the cell tower and you can experience fewer dropped calls.

Conserve Battery Life

During a call, the transmit power of your mobile device is regulated by the cell tower depending on the received signal strength – if a stronger signal is received by the tower, the phone is instructed to transmit less power to preserve battery life. When the Pong Case enhances outbound signal to the tower, the phone will transmit more efficiently and this can conserve battery life.

Protect the Phone

Pong’s patented antenna technology is embedded in a form-fitting, lightweight polycarbonate shell that provides outstanding mechanical strength and durability. The Pong Rugged Case has a co-molded TPE (a rubber-like material) exterior that provides additional protection. Pong’s Rugged cases have been independently certified to exceed the U.S. Military Standard Drop Test, and can protect your phone from 6-foot drops.

iPad and iPad Mini

Pong Research also makes intelligent cases for the iPad and iPad mini. In order to comply with RF exposure safety limits, the iPad contains a body proximity sensor that lowers the transmit power of the cellular antenna when a human body gets close to it. However, the sensor is not intelligent, and will also be falsely triggered by any covering case other than a Pong case. The Pong Case is engineered to avoid the false trigger of the sensor and allow the iPad to operate as Apple intended. The Pong Case for iPad 4 can improve outbound cellular signal by up to 6.6 times compared to any other cases. Meanwhile, the Pong Case for iPad also contains Pong’s proprietary built-in antenna technology to reduce your exposure to wireless energy from the device’s cellular and Wi-Fi antennas.