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  • Cell Phone Radiation Lab Test

    Study Shows Blood Abnormalities from Short-Term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

    What could cell phone radiation be doing to our blood? You may be surprised to find out, but to date very little research has looked into this effect. A new study released in January 2015 focused very specifically on the effects of cell phone radiation on human blood.

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  • What are the effects of long term cell phone radiation?

    What are the Effects of Long Term Cell Phone Radiation Exposure?

    Find Out About Long Term Cell Phone Radiation

  • How Do Cell Phones Work?

    How Do Cell Phones Work?

    In the most basic form, a cell phone is essentially a two-way radio, consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. When you chat with your friend on your cell phone, your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower.

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